Pomoroni on raspberrypi


I am trying to use Explorer pHat on the latest Raspberry Pi OS (bookworm, 64-bit).

The steps look very easy.

sudo apt install -y python3-explorerhat

After activating I2C interface from Rasiberry Pi Configuration, loading the module was successed.

import explorerhat

However, the DC motors never work on my environment.


Checked the voltage of motor pins, they also never work... No error message was found.

>>> import explorerhat
Explorer pHAT detected...
>>> explorerhat.motor.forwards(100)
{'one': None, 'two': None}
>>> (Ctrl+D)
AttributeError: 'Pulse' object has no attribute 'isAlive'

I am also trying to use python3-scrollphat, not work as well...

24.02 I also tried with older OS(bullseye 32bit). However, the result was same(no move, no error).